Expungement In California

An expungement is the legal process of removing a criminal conviction from a person's record by changing the conviction to a dismissed case. California state expungement laws make the expungement process attainable for former offenders. If the person petitioning for expungement has completed probation, paid all fines, is not currently serving a sentence, and not facing any additional charges, then he or she may be eligible for expungement.If an expungement is granted, the petitioner can legally say that he or she was never convicted of the crime. If granted, expungement may open the door to a brighter future by removing the conviction from many employment and housing background checks, potentially furthering one's chances of getting a job, continuing one's education, or obtaining better quality housing.

How To Choose An Expungement Attorney

Any licensed California attorney can represent an individual in court for expungement; however, choosing the right representation for the expungement process is crucial. By selecting a firm or attorney that specializes in California expungements, the petitioner is ensured that the expungement process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

What to Consider When Choosing an Expungement Attorney:

  • The success rate of the firm or attorney
  • The attorney's experience level with expungements
  • The attorney's knowledge of expungement laws in California
  • Whether or not the firm or attorney has a valid street address
  • Whether or not an attorney is available to address their client's specific questions about his or her case
  • Whether or not the attorney will go to any expungement court hearings for a client
  • Costs and fees charged for services
  • Whether or not they offer a money back guarantee
  • What the price includes; all fees associated with expungements, representation by an attorney in court, and answering objections from the district attorney
  • There are advertisements for expungement attorneys and form processors who claim to represent their clients, but then make the client do all of the work. These attorneys are merely form providers. The expungement process is complicated enough. Having the proper representation to help navigate through the expungement process can be the difference between a successful case and a failed case. Paying a flat fee for a knowledgeable attorney can also potentially save thousands of dollars and gives the petitioner peace of mind that his or her case will be overseen from start to finish.

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