What to Expect After an Expungement

By successfully expunging your California misdemeanor, the disposition of your case is overturned. Your criminal record will show that you were convicted for an offense, but that the judgment was overturned to show no finding of guilt. Once your California misdemeanor has been successfully expunged, there are a few things that you can expect such as having criminal record updated to reflect your expunged misdemeanor. There are, however, other unexpected factors that you should take into consideration.

My Record is Expunged, Now What?

You may be asking yourself how records get updated once your California misdemeanor is expunged? The judge signs a court order stating that your conviction is expunged. The court clerk then issues the order to you or to your attorney. The court takes 48 hours to update their records. After the court updates their records, they notify criminal databases such as the California Department of Justice to update their records within 30 days to reflect the granted misdemeanor expungement on your criminal history. Agencies and background companies get their information from the Department of Justice, which clears your criminal record for future applications of employment and housing.

What an Expungement Does Not Do?

The court order, however, is unable to change all preexisting mentions of your arrest. In order to ensure that your mugshot does not appear in the results of popular search engines, you have to proactively remove your criminal record from private record database providers. While future employers and landlords cannot legally discriminate against your application for employment or housing, it is difficult to prove if you are being discriminated against, short of a written explanation stating that you are not being considered for a position or for housing due to your expunged misdemeanor. Fortunately, there are expungement attorneys that provide expungement services and services to update criminal databases.

Additionally, once you expunge your California misdemeanor, you can legally say that you were not convicted of the offense and can deny the charge on applications for employment or housing. There are some instances in which you may want to disclose your expunged misdemeanor, such as on applications for the United States military or on applications to be a California Peace Officer. For more information about the requirements and job opportunities with California Law Enforcement, view the following website, http://www.post.ca.gov/law-enforcement-jobs.aspx

Once you have expunged your California misdemeanor, you can expect to start on the path toward a brighter future with potential to finish your education, and gain desirable employment and housing.

If you have not yet gotten your record expunged, you can see if you are eligible by taking RecordGone.com's free eligibility test. To learn more about expunging a misdememeanor, you can read or guide to expunging a misdemeanor or felony.

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