California Probation Termination

Under California law (Penal Code 1203.b), a court may terminate or modify probation. Once probation has been terminated, the requirement to conform to the duties imposed as part of probation are lifted, making way for the expungement process to begin. Probation termination is for qualified offenders who are still serving the terms of their probation. To qualify, all fines must be paid and all conditions of probation must be completed with the exception of the time period. In addition, when deciding whether to grant a petition for early termination, the court takes into consideration the age of the case, his or her criminal history, the need for relief from probation, and the severity of the offense committed. Cases are most successful when the petitioner can demonstrate his or her good behavior and reform with supporting evidence. Still have questions about California probation termination? An extensive list of frequently asked questions on the topic can be found at's probation termination FAQ.

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