California Sex Offender Registration

How to get out of sex offender registration

In California, under (Penal Code 290), offenders convicted of certain sex crimes are required to register with the city chief of police, the county sheriff, or the university campus chief of police (whichever is applicable) where he or she resides as a sex offender. Some courts require offenders convicted of sexually motivated offenses to register. Certain sex crimes listed under Penal Code section 290.46(e), also known as Megan's Law, require those sex offenders to be posted on the Megan's Law website. Some offenders may be eligible for expungement. Having the offense expunged does not relieve the obligation of having to register as a sex offender, nor does expungement remove the offender's image from the register website. In some cases, however, a Certificate of Rehabilitation can relieve the requirement to register. In order to be removed from the website, the offender must have his or her petition for removal granted by the California Department of Justice. A list of different sex offenses and their requirements can be found at

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